Brendan Quest

Working NA to EU on 2 Meters

Meet the Brendan Quest Team

Here are our Operators and Support Staff

Fred Archibald, VE1FA. Fred is a semi-retired microbiologist professor and senior scientist who received his first call (VE2SEI) in 1968, and his current call in 2003.  He has organized and participated in 19 island DXpeditions since 1991.  He also has military and commercial radio electronics training, and enjoys working on radio gear, old and new, as well as the occasional contest.  He especially enjoys the annual IOTA contest.

In 1996 he constructed a 600 watt CW transatlantic system using a 42 element ladder yagi, and with two other amateurs, ran it for a week at the 1902 Marconi transmitter site in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.  He will be setting up and troubleshooting much of the present transatlantic system, and is developing and constructing the 43 element yagi to be used in Pouch Cove.

Roger Sturtevant, VE1SKY. Roger is a seasoned WSJT operator and weak signal enthusiast.  He was the winner of this year's North America WSJT Winter Rally, and top Low Power Score in 2012.

'Sky', as he is known to WSJT operators, spends most of his radio time using all of the modes of the WSJT suite.  An Urban Planner, he was Director of Planning for a large Alberta-based multi-disciplinary firm for 12 years.  Prior to retiring in 2010, Roger served for 25 years as Executive Director with the Annapolis District Planning Commission in the historic Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

Helen Archbald, VA1YL. Helen, formerly VE2YAK, is the wife of Fred, VE1FA. Helen's original incentive to become licensed was to be able to talk to Fred when he was away on DXpeditions, but it didn't quite work that way.  Since 1994 Helen has participated in about 16 DXpeditions, and is an outstanding operator in her own right.  She has one condition for going on a DXpedition - she goes as a radio amateur, not as a household slave!  She contributes to the heavy lifting, set up and tear down, as well as operating and logging.  Helen Loves a 20 meter pile up!

In addition to DXpeditions and contesting, she is net controller for several HF nets for the Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association, of which she is currently president.  Helen is also a Girl Guide leader, and since 1992, hundreds of Girl Guides have been exposed to amateur radio through her efforts.  And again this year she is going as a ham operator, heavy lifter, and computer geek, not quartermaster!

Rich Pieniaszek, VA1CHP

Rich has been a radio amateur since 1979.  He was first licensed as KA6NQK in California, and later as VA1CHP in Nova Scotia since 2004.

He retired to Nova Scotia in 2003 after 30 years with the California Highway Patrol.  He is a member of our IOTA expedition team, and enjoys contesting, RTTY and DXing in general.

Jim Fisher, VE1JF

Jim was invited to join the team as an experienced CW and WSJT operator.  Scheduling conflicts prevented this, but Jim has continued to participate in planning and provided some of the equipment and financial support.  Jim is best known as the host of successful VE1JF multi-2 DX Contest teams up to 2006, and was the first president of the small but mighty Maritime Contest Club.  More recently, he is using 6 meter EME to work 100 countries on his tenth band.  Jim is an expert in the simultaneous design of organizational structure and management process for global corporations.

Nola Woolfrey-Murphy

Although not yet licensed as an amateur radio operator, Nola will be our local point of contact for all logistical matters in Newfoundland.

An administrator with the Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Management Department of Eastern Health, she lives in St. Johns.

Al Penney, VO1NO

Orginally licensed in 1977, Al has been active in many fields of amateur radio, from HF contesting, to satellites and VHF/UHF weak signal operating.  Al especially enjoys DXpeditioning, and in addition to the IOTA expeditions already mentioned, he has organized VHF/UHF grid expeditions throughout Canada and the USA for many of the big contests, with numerous first place finishes.

Al has also been very active on the administrative end of amateur radio, serving as president of the Greenwood Amateur Radio Club, and Chair of the Radio Amateurs of Canada HF Band Planning Committee.  His only visit to Ireland was in 1986, when his ship enjoyed the hospitality of the Irish Navy in Cork during a short port visit.

Sebastian Acosta (Seb), W4AS

Seb is the webmaster for the Brendan Quest website.  He has been a licensed amateur in the USA for over 30 years, has worked over 300 countries on HF, has earned VUCC on satellites, 6 meters and 2 meters, as well as WAC on 2 meters.

Seb is retired and lives in Miami Florida, his main radio interest is 6 meters and meteor scatter with WSJT. He is the vice president of the South Florida DX Association.

The team, from left to right: Helen VA1YL, Fred VE1FA, Roger VE1SKY, Al VO1NO, Rich VA1CHP.  The Atlantic Ocean is in the background.

Here is Joe Taylor K1JT on the left, with Seb W4AS (our webmaster) on the right.  Both met at the ARRL Centennial Convention in Connecticut on July 19th, 2014.  Joe was very interested in hearing about VC1T.