Brendan Quest

Working NA to EU on 2 Meters

2014 Schedule of Operations for Historical Purposes

VC1T Operating Schedule, 144.155, July 4-11, 2014 - all times UTC

VC1T will go QRT at approximately 14:00 UTC July 11th.

Note - until further notice, VC1T will use only FSK441.

Station VC1T will use WSJT modes to attempt to complete a TransAtlantic QSO on 144.155 from July 4 - July 11, 2014. If WSJT is completed, it will be followed by CW or SSB QSO attempts. Instructions to all stations will be found on ON4KST 144/432 chat. Do not transmit until you hear us or we ask you to transmit. EU QRM is of great concern. We want you to hear us! We will be QRO and have a 43 element 100 foot long yagi directed to you. Please download and exclusively use the latest WSJT software ver. 9.7 r3639 or later and become familiar with it.

Beginning July 4 (and on UTC even days ie: July 6, 8, 10, 12), VC1T will transmit in 30 second sequences FSK441 using European 'reports' protocol in the WSJT software. VC1T will always transmit 2nd (odd). After 6 months of intensive research and discussions with 2m DX recordholders and experts, we have learned that FSK441 clearly provides multihop opportunities for Es or tropo mixed with meteors. FSK441 will be our primary WSJT "fast" mode for short bursts and pings.

On July 5 (and on UTC odd days ie: July 7, 9, 11) VC1T will transmit in 60 sec sequences (47 sec TX) JT65B using the more sensitive WSJT 'default' EME protocol (both callsigns, OOO, RO and RRR). Do not send 73. VC1T will always transmit 2nd (odd). JT65B will be our 'slow' weak signal protocol. JT65B will be a sub-audible detection and operating mode. Importantly, if only "pings" and not weak signal traces are detected, we will direct all operators to switch to FSK441 or ISCAT B. ISCAT B has been seen to provide 2m mixed mode multihop DX in NA (see June 2014 DUBUS magazine).

General Instructions - a necessary 'heads up' for all operators

Listen for our signal! 

  • Do not transmit unless you have decoded VC1T or we have specifically instructed you to transmit to us. We will be QRO with a very high gain antenna. You will hear us before we hear you. 
  • If you are not in Europe, do not try to contact us. We are trying for the Transatlantic Brendan Trophy or Brendan Shield awards. If you are not in EU you are QRM for this attempt. We will not reply to non-EU stations. 
  • Real-time chat on the ON4KST 144/432 page We may also use the G4CQM 2m Transatlantic Shoutbox. If we lose internet, follow the last posted schedule.
  • If we become aware of conditions that prompt us to change mode or schedule we will announce changes on ON4KST or our webpage. You are encouraged to contact us if you hear us, but we will not use the internet to bicker with amateurs about our modes or schedules. 
  • We may do "all Europe transmit periods" from time-to-time. We have a variety of strategies that may be tried on CW, SSB and WSJT modes as conditions warrant. Do not transmit unless instructed to do so! EU QRM is something you all know about. We want you to be successful. 
  • If we get lucky and receive multiple signals at once, we will ask you to spread up or down from 144.155 at 200 hertz (Hz) intervals if we are on JT65B - pick your spot EME DXpedition style. We may instruct one station only to work us at a time on any mode. We may arrange lists. It is up to you to be aware of our instructions at all times to increase our chances of a QSO with you!

Good luck! We hope to work you from Pouch Cove, NF. 73, The 2014 Brendan Quest Team